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Blueprint for Success

Our roadmap to the successful management of the entire grant lifecycle.

Our robust master plan, the Blueprint for Success: Assessment, Infrastructure, Resources, and Funding Strategy, provides a roadmap to the successful management of entire grant management life cycles. Our firm will evaluate your grants development capacity, status, and program needs and develop a funding strategy that aligns with your organization’s goals and objectives.

TST & Associates uses a three-part process:

  1. Initiates an extensive review of relevant organizational materials
  2. Conducts key informant interviews with executive leadership and chief operational personnel
  3. Prepares a comprehensive report, the Blueprint for Success, based upon our findings from the materials review and interviews. The report incorporates an assessment of the organization’s capacity to produce and manage competitive federal grants and includes strengths, weaknesses, recommendations, a plan for the internal operation of grant-related activities, and a funding strategy.

Our Three Steps to Success



  • General background information
  • Executive leadership: names and titles
  • Programs/operational divisions/units
  • Organizational charts
  • Chief division operational personnel: names and titles
  • Strategic Plan
  • Annual Reports (for past 3 years)
  • Pertinent program and statistical data
  • Existing needs assessments
  • Grants and contracts portfolio
  • Community–based partnerships and purpose
  • Last A-133 Audit Report
  • Registration status for electronic submissions
  • Other materials as needed


Key Informant Interviews

We conduct on-site key informant interviews with executive leadership and chief division and program operational personnel using an open-ended script to facilitate discussion, with follow-up questions, generated by the discussion. The purpose is to identify organization priorities, existing programs/matching funds, planned programs (new or enhanced), and strengths and weaknesses. In addition, if appropriate, TST & Associates will conduct an online Survey Monkey poll to gather similar information from middle management and community-based organizations.


Blueprint for Success Report

We produce a comprehensive report that incorporates an assessment of the organization’s capacity to produce competitive federal grants using seven core competency metrics:

  1. Experience
  2. Identification of priorities
  3. Program capacity
  4. Personal time and commitment
  5. Communication and team building
  6. Existing partnerships and collaborations
  7. Project life cycle management

Clear recommendations are provided to strengthen the organization’s grant development and management capacity. Our consultants capture basic programmatic and service line information that can be used to produce a compendium of project abstracts, one page concept papers and budgets for existing and planned programs. Standard templates/samples of common grant attachments, e.g., MOAS, Letters of Commitment, and Biographical Sketches are included in the report’s appendix.

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